Farewell Room 29…

This is one of our last posts here as Room 29.

Like I have told you many times – you are the greatest class and will remain to be. I would like to farewell all of you and I wish you all the best in 2008.

I have taught some of you for 2 years and I will miss you alot in the years to come but we will always remain to be the ‘one and only’ Room 29 for 2007. Take all of your memories with you, keep them safe and cherish them, because as you get older you will come to realise that we have had a great time this year and that is a very important thing.

To the Year 6’s – remember to always try your best at everything you do – I know that you will have a fantastic time at Intermediate school. To the Year 5’s – you have come a long way this year and I know that I will see you all in 2008.

This post is for you to leave an end of year message for us all to read.

Ka kite ano Room 29…

Your teacher,

Andrew – 2007

[rockyou 95795276]

25 thoughts on “Farewell Room 29…

  1. Hi Andrew!

    Reading that practically made me cry! It’s very sad to leave room 29. Last year, I was already so upset to leave,and I kept my fingers crossed that I’ll be here still this year and it happened! But it definitely won’t work this time, I’m going to be an intermediate soon and I’m as nervous as ever!

    I’m glad you have created this blog site, then we can keep in touch no matter where we are- another school-another country etc.

    These 2 years have been the 2 years of school that I will never forget no matter what.


  2. Hello Jennifer and Room29,

    These two years have been my favorite too. I am still looking forward to being an intermediate but remember we will still be working as a class on the blog.
    It is very sad to be leaving this class and primary at the same time.
    I will defently keep on going on the blog.
    I hope all of you will have a great class next year!

    From Louisa

  3. Dear Room 29,

    I will really miss everything about our class, and I hope everyone has a great time next year. It two has been the best two years of my life and I hope in intermediate it will be as good. I have enjoyed working on the blog site, and wish to view it next year. Good bye to all the people who are leaving our school and all the year fives. Thanks for the fantastic year!

    Yours sincerely,


  4. Hello room 29!

    I have had such a cool year! This would be one of my favourites! Hopefully I will see some of you next year and of course Andrew!

    I would really like to thank Andrew for all his hard work!

    Congratulations to those of you who got a certificate at prize giving!

    I think we should keep in touch on the blog site still next year and years to come! It would be cool to know what you are doing also in the holidays!

    Also go onto my blog site tessah.learnerblogs.org and see the important poem I want you to read. Pass it onto friends! Andrew, maybe you could put it on the blog site!

    Good bye room 29!


  5. HELLO and Goodbye Room 29.

    I guess it’s not a farewell just now or right now! The farewell word makes me cry!! You should see my face! So it’s not the end of the world, and we can still see each other at school right! But that still makes me want to cry. (SOB SOB)

    See you all next year, Year 5. See the year after next year, Year 6.

    I had a lovely year at Balmoral Primary school in Room 29 Year 5 and 6.

    Hope no one forgets me!

  6. Hi Erin,

    Want to borrow a tissue?? I’ve got plenty…
    It’s not the end of the world, but somehow it feels like it!
    Good luck Jock, you’re the only one in Andrew’s class next year! 🙂


  7. I agree with all of you its really sad year fives only got to be with Andrew one year. Apart from Jock. Lucky eh.
    (!) But at least I am in the class room next to Andrew so I can see him often. Lucky me. (oops)

  8. Hello room 29,

    I don’t want to say goodbye as I want to stay in room 29 forever! I WILL miss all the students in our class (and Andrew of course), and I would like to thank everyone for making this the best year I have ever had!

    From Hannah

  9. Hello,

    I am already missing this class! I wish there was some way that we could stay Room29 forever. I too will miss everybody.


  10. Grrr… I wish that this holiday was finished today!
    I miss room 29 so bad!

    Goodbye!!!!!!!!! =(

    (I am crying right now)

  11. i am gonna mis room 29 heaps because it was a great class and it will always be a great class. Merry Christmas to everyone and i will wish you all a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Sammy

  12. What’s so bad about the holidays?? I think it’s better, I don’t have to worry about homework 😛
    Isn’t Christmas already over?
    Oh and Erin, you can borrow as many as you like! 😆


  13. Hello,

    I wish you all a merry Christmas too. I have been very busy with my family and I am going camping soon. I hope to see you all sometime next year.


  14. hi guys
    i wish u all a merry christmas and a happy new year too.
    hey jennifer the thing bad about hoidays is its no fun for me. i miss homework and the thing i really miss is all of u and the class. and i need to borrow some tissues also.
    🙁 😥 😥 😥 😥 i need tissues please

  15. hi guys i just cant stop sending coz i miss u all so bad!! and i wish u all a happy new year! :smile:- :sad:- 😥

  16. It’s called posting, not sending.

    You miss HOMEWORK???????????????? Where did you get that blinking emoction????

    I still need to do homework at home :angry:

    Ask Erin for the tissues, I gave her the whole box :rofl:


  17. Hello,

    I hope this year goes soooooo fast, because I can’t wait till Christmas!

    See you later


  18. Hello Room 29,
    I am very sad to so that I will not be returning to Balmoral OR Auckland as right now I am tuping away in Katkati as I have moved down here.
    It was very emotional whenwe did move but I have gotten over it BUT not over you guys who are still Cit chick or city guys which ever one you are:( I have started a new school down here and guess what … I get to go on FOUR camps per year.
    Oh and Andrew, are you going to leave this site open for us to still talk and stuff?

    Well got to go, for some of you i will see you at my leaving party and some of you i will see you now and again.


  19. Hi guys,

    I just thought i might drop in a word andrew, I think that room 29 was just about the best class ever and I certainly will be posting on this site in the future and I hope everyone else does too. I like intermediate a lot and I hope you keep that cluster map up because you have got lots of overseas visitors from north america I see. Why is everyone being sad? its Contagious you know. Keep on making holiday catagories for everyone and if people keep posting it will be just like room 29 again.

    Cant think of anything else to say now…..

    who is going to the dawn parade on ANZAC day?
    I am.

    bye for now,
    Oliver 😎 :mrgreen:

  20. Hey – It is great to hear from you Oliver.

    I am glad that you are enjoying intermediate – I have not seen you this year, come down and say ‘Hello’ to us in Room 18 as soon as you can.

    It is ANZAC day today and my daughter Mikayla is singing at the mid-morning service in Titirangi with her school choir. It should be excellent. We will be taking our new puppy with us too.

    Keep up your posts Oliver.


  21. Wow
    I gusse i’m the first person who’s on this link in may.

    jenni what do you mean by tissuse you know that i’m out of sale here, and how’s your days in intermediat? Full of HomeWork maybe…?

  22. I was kidding about the homework thing Erin, and PLEASE don’t call me Jenni or Jenny…no offence to anyone but I think it sounds and feels sort of…well only if someone calls me that. It doesn’t sound bad when it’s on someone else…justr this thing…y’know

    Homework is not that bad actually, to be honest Intermediate is actually quite easy 😀 It’s been so fun. Not only learing english but I’ve also improved my Chinese BIGTIME!!! Theres a lot of other Chinese people (mostly girls =p) in the Intermediate side, I wasn’t that good at Mandarin until I start chatting to them 🙂

    I’ve changed soooooo much this year, it’s so weird. I’m not shy (not that I was very shy before) anymore,I sort of like to muck around more, and more out-there. Talk to everyone in my class and not afraid to stand up for myself and yeah, blah blah blah….can’t be stuffed explaining everything, it would take until Christmas!!(Not that it’s so far away till Christmas anyway LOL)

    Coming from the way I’m speaking you can already tell I’ve changed.


  23. Oh and I got a new email, it’s now Wisdom….

    Oh and I’m not being a show off using “Wisdom”, (It’s like a way for saying ‘genius’ or something like that) “Wisdom” is the english translation to my Chinese name so …


  24. Hi all Room 29 from last year!
    Can you believe it it’s like passed so quickly, I still remember the first day I was in room 29 I was late on the first day HEHE!!

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