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Where were you when the shining cuckoo called?

Pipiwharauroa - The Shining Cuckoo

We begun discussing this topic last week. This post is for you to express your own interpretation of this Maori proverb.

I hea koe i te tangihanga o te Pipiwharauoa?

Where were you when the shining cuckoo called?

Just like any philosophical discussion, you will need to explain your reasoning behind your response and you must also refer to, discuss or challenge another poster’s point of view. Do you agree? Why? Do you disagree? Why? Ask questions and explore this proverb. This is linking to our understanding of roles and responsibilities and teamwork.

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Papakura Marae Trip

This week, as a follow up to our trip to Papakura Marae, you are to write a reflection comment about your experience.

Answer these questions in your statement:

What did you enjoy the most and why?

What cultural learnings took place for you ? If you wish, give clear examples and link to one of our previous posts, you can quote yourself or another student – look in ‘What does culture mean to you?’ and/or ‘Maori cultural artifacts’. For example: you may wish to talk about the things we have previously found out about carvings, hongi and so on.

You can finish off with a statement about the roles and responsibilities you noticed. What role/responsibilities did the tanga tewhenua have? Us as the manuhiri? You as students? The teachers and parents?

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How can they work as a team?

This is a thinking task related to what we are discussing in class – No I in Teamwork?

How can this group work together to get off this deserted island? They can only use all the things you see – one additional thing is that the man, Jon, has a cell phone in his pocket but the batteries have gone flat.

Your task is to clearly explain how they will all work together to achieve their goal – Is it actually possible? How will these different creatures work together? Does there have to be different roles and responsibilties to have any success?

Be creative – lets assume they can all understand each other, so therefore can communicate 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your ideas. I created this picture at Professor Garfield’s Comic Lab, log in with your name if you want to try it out.


Maori Cultural Artifacts

During the first few weeks of this term we will be looking at Maori culture and protocol, leading up to a day visit to Papakura Marae in South Auckland.

This post will allow you to state your opinions and learn more about Maori arts, traditions and protocols; this will help you in your understandings of ‘What is culture?’ and also help you gain more information and insight into our country’s culture.

Below are some pictures and a video showing a small range of Maori cultural arts, traditions, and protocols. Your task is to choose one or two of the pictures or video and tell us – What is shown? What is happening? What does this mean to the culture? How are these things arts, traditions, and/or protocols?

I have used Picture 4 as the example to help guide you, please choose from the other 5 when you write. I have also included a couple of useful links for you on the Blogroll.

Next week there will be more pictures/videos to discuss.

 Maori Hongi2.jpgTukutukuWero - ChallengeBone CarvingWood Carving

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